Terms & Conditions

Read the Bliss website terms and conditions. In addition, there are some specific terms and conditions to be aware of when using our Sunshine Fund platform:

  • Online Giving - we run and maintain a website that processes donations on behalf of Bliss via the JustGiving platform API. For this service, and the support JustGiving provides to us, Bliss pays JustGiving a transaction fee of up to 5% on the donation. Because JustGiving promptly pays donations to charities and other good causes, we regret that we can only refund a donation in exceptional circumstances, as described in the JustGiving terms of service.
  • User Conduct - If you create a Sunshine Fund page or JustGiving page or use any of our other services, please remember Bliss website services and JustGiving are for everyone. Bliss or JustGiving will remove offensive, obscene or racist content on the rare occasions when we find it – and we may terminate membership as a result. Please also make sure that the content you upload to the site, especially pictures and videos, does not infringe another person’s copyright.

For more information please see Justgiving’s terms of service. If you have any questions about our Sunshine Funds, please call our Individual Giving Team on 020 7378 1122 or email fundraisingoperations@bliss.org.uk.